The labyrinth is an ancient meditation tool. Unlike a maze which is created with many problems to solve, the labyrinth is one path to a center that helps us find our way. Malibu Canyon Labyrinth is replicated from one inlaid into the stone floor of Chartres Cathedral in France in 1201AD.

Walking in meditation on the labyrinth is an opportunity to reconnect to the earth and our true selves. Its path holds the experience of wholeness. Just as birds know to fly south in the winter and salmon return to their birth rivers, mindful labyrinth walking helps us connect to our oft-hidden internal blueprint, the still small voice within.


As a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Rosemary hosts workshops and gatherings at her Malibu Canyon Labyrinth retreat home and garden that is nestled on two acres in the Santa Monica Mountains.

She offers creativity, yoga, and mindfulness retreats, as well as, personal walks, custom events, and gatherings for families, groups and professional teams.