Rosemary is a teacher of Mindful Living. Her goal is to counsel and inspire others as they meet the challenges and opportunities of this remarkable life.

Since childhood, Rosemary has been asking, “How can I help?” and by helping others she found her life’s work. For decades she has effectively guided clients through life’s complexities and inevitable surprises with knowledge based on a her personal experiences, and over 30 years of study of western psychology, eastern wisdom and meditation practice.


Rosemary understands from living life fully that “Walking Life’s Path” is a remarkable mystery which is sometimes easy, often difficult and always amazing. She is known for her calm and clarity, and has learned to blend mindful insight and sensible action in the face of real life situations. She inspires in times of difficulty, helping open doors to understanding, peace and joy.

Rosemary lives and works in her Malibu Canyon Retreat home where she raised her 5 wonderful children along with their friends and an assortment of dogs, cats and horses. Her family now numbers 17, including spouses and 7 grandchildren.